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spy camera mini dv md80 user manual download and Setup Driver download

2010 August 13

 The world smallest mini dv had hot sale for a year already,as to today it still hot for its structure and good quality ,cheap price! This even could compete with the original aee md80,today we collect the user manual and driver installation and driver setup.exe document for you incase your CD broken with some reason!

Driver installation instruction DOWNLOAD

Driver installation instructions
1. Please install the driver before using MD80. There are not any needs for setting
during the whole installation process, and click “finish” to end the installation.
2. No installation icon on the desktop for reminding of to be finished and the procedure
will start-up automatically when you use MD80.
3. When you connect MD80 with PC to be a PC camera, please keep both the power
switch and sound trigger switch on, and a new item named “Standard Camera” could
be found inside the file of ”My Computer”.

The mini dv md80 setup.exe document here:



mini dv MD80-user-NEUTRAL

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